2/7/2016 – Last practice before lesson

Pieces Prepared

  • Gershwin: 3rd prelude, all
  • Liszt – Un Sospiro
  • Telemann: Fantasy in F Major, complete
  • Scales: all flat scales, A major, start playing in 3rds
  • Liszt Techical Exercises: 1-5 (single finger playing, other fingers held down)
  • Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody, started on Friday
  • Debussy: Wine Gate prelude

Pieces Covered and Feedback

  • Telemann: Fantasy in F major: mostly complete, played through.  Messed up the 3 sections that was messing up at home.  The middle Largo section went well.
  • Gershwin: 3rd prelude, messed up a number of times, still rough performing in front of someone
  • Debussy: played well, no major mistakes.
  • Queen: played first 4 pages at tempo, next 4 pages slower.  Left out some of bass notes during triplet sections.  Rushed the quarter triplets, again…
  • Liszt: played 2 times on the grand, from memory.  Things to work on:
    1. Third page, A major section, right hand pluck the main theme during the cross over section. Arm weight, hit the note, then up.
    2. Start of final section, main theme alternating in the thumbs, really bring out the first note starting the theme, arpeggio starts quieter in the next note.
    3. Second to last rolling chord at the end, keep quieter than the right hand, and the upper F repeated notes.

For Next Week

Business trip, no lesson.  Adult recital scheduled for the 27th.

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