Lesson 6: Gershwin and Chopin

Jan. 4, 2016

Pieces Prepared

  • Chopin: First Prelude in C
  • Chopin: Raindrop Prelude
  • Gershwin: Prelude 2 (Blue’s Lullaby)
  • Debussy: The Wine Gate
  • Liszt: Un Sospiro
  • Bach: P&F in C minor, Fugue
  • Camelot, If I would ever leave you
  • Debussy: Voiles

Pieces Covered and Feedback

For the three pieces, this was the first lesson covering them.

Gershwin: Prelude 2

Played all the way through a couple of times, up to speed.

  • In the second and fourth pages, need to hold the overlapping dotted quarters and quarters in the sections with 3 voices in the right hand.  Pretty much played them all as eighth notes.
  • In the third page, the hard measure with the triplet quarters with the leading grace notes, for the right hand quarter notes, these are not in time, and the last quarter is sounding like an eighth note.

Chopin: First Prelude in C

Played all the way through, a couple of times.  Almost up to speed.

  • Discussed the oddities around the way this music was written, with the triplets and the 5ths, with them aligning in measures.

Chopin: Raindrop Prelude

Played all the way through, played part of the middle section a second time.

  • Need to work on phrase shaping.
  • Need to work on dynamics in the thunder section.


For next week

  • Go over Raindrop Prelude again
  • Play Gershwin Prelude
  • Cover part of Liszt for the Adult recital scheduled for the end of February.



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